My Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas and Predictions for 2013

Last year I wrote My Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas and Predictions for 2012. It included everything from Honey Boo-Boo Child to 50 Shades of Gray (both of which turned up at the Halloween parties I attended last year). This year has not failed to inspire more costume ideas for the Halloween lovers out there.

If you decide to wear any of these costumes or have one of your own, send in your images to be featured in the “Best of Halloween Costumes 2013” article!

1. Daenerys Targaryen (aka Khaleesi or Mother of Dragons)


I’d try a little harder than this… but that’s just me…


2. Miley Cyrus VMAs


You have two costume options here:

  • The freaky cracked out bear corset look or
  • The weirdest color nude, plastic underwear that gives you cellulite, apple butt look.

It’s totally depends on your style.

3. The Manning Brothers rap outfits

manning brothers rap costume

Yea, it’s pretty amazing. If you haven’t seen the video yet, here ya go… and you’re welcome.

4. Robin Thicke VMAs/Beetle Juice

Don’t be surprised if you dress as one and get mistaken for the other…

5. Duck Dynasty



The possibilities are limitless…

6. Shaknado Costume – Shark + Tornado = Enough Said!

sharknado costume

Yea, this is a real movie starring Tara Reid. Maybe a combination of these two costumes?


7. Johnny Manziel with signed footballs and cash


I mean, I’d sell my autographs if people would buy them….  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?  (Read more: “Johnny Manziel Suspended For One Half Of One Game, Autograph Scandal Over”)

8. American Gladiators

american glatiators

I mean, red, white and blue tights, massively teased hair with the opportunity to flex your non-existent muscles all night long … how could that possibly be a bad choice for a costume.

9. Cosplay is back!


What am I talking about? It’s never gone out of style. Especially if you can round up some of your friends (or sisters like I did here).

10.  Twerk Girl on Fire

twerk girl on fire costume

All you need is a pink shirt, some yoga pants, fake flames and the ability to twerk! I’d try and stay upright though…

** BONUS **

aaron hernandez gun tmz

Aaron Hernandez with a pistol and blue bubblegum (Read more: “Aaron Hernandez: Bubblegum, texts among trail of evidence in Hernandez’s case”)


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