Rhino Shield: The New Hard Core Screen Protector

rhino shield

Evolutive Labs has designed an adhesive screen and back protector for your smart device called the Rhino Shield. This custom formulated polymer has the highest rating for impact absorption and transparency available right now.

Something not mentioned in the video or body of their launch page, but addressed in the comments section, is that Rhino Shield is used solely for direct impact. If you were to drop your device on it’s sides or at a tilt Rhino Shield would not be useful at all. I feel like I’m a fairly level-headed person, I very rarely take a hammer or knife to my phone, or even drop it just on the front or back. I’m more likely to drop it in the toilet or off the side of a boat (and for that I recommend a waterproof Lifeproof case, reviewed here, which I use on my phone). Nevertheless, I think it’s a great product for those people that REFUSE to use a case on their phones.

Here are some key facts on Rhino Shield from Evolutive Labs’ Kickstarter page:

Impact Resistant: Our specially designed shock-absorption layer can oppose many types of impacts. Any scenario that you may encounter in your everyday lives.
Scratch Resistant: Our scratch resistant nanometer coating technology also provides superior scratch protection for your screen.

Thin and Highly Transparent: Only 0.029 cm in thickness, which makes it very case-friendly. (thickness of typical screen protector, ranges from 0.015 to 0.020 cm)

Anti Fingerprint Smudge: Our oleophobic coating technology keep’s Rhino Shield resistant from annoying fingerprint smudges and makes it very easy to clean.

Easy Application: Rhino Shield is very easy to apply to smart devices! View the video below for a hands on demonstration.

As of right now they only have Rhino Shield available for iPhone 4 /4s /5, Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One X+, HTC Butterfly, Blackberry z10, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab 7.0+, iPad, Galaxy Note 10.1, and Galaxy Note 2 10.1. With only 6 days left to back this product, you can get the front of your phone covered for as little as $18.63.

For more information on Best web design Reno Shield or how to purchase a Rhino Shield for your smart device, head over to their Kickstarter page.

Check out the video below to see the Rhino Shield in action!

rhino shield

rhino shield

Over 95% transparency

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